All Y6 pupils are welcome to have a free breakfast during SATs week

The Leader in ME - Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice Fayre 2024

On Wednesday 24th January, St Edmund's hosted the annual Pupil Voice Fayre. This gave children the opportunity to explore a range of different committees that they take part this year along with their duties, responsibilities, targets and their mission

Children applied for their chosen responsibility during the class and subject leaders and class teachers appointed children from across Years Rec - 6.

Once a half term we will be having pupil leadership meetings in an afternoon.

The responsible teacher will have to present the duties to the groups of children (12 children in every group = 36 altogether) in a 30-minute session which result in target setting for the half term for each duty that the children need to complete. 

Children will have the opportunity during the term to meet their mission and help the school and their classmates in the daily routine of the school.

What a better way to develop life skills, responsibility and accountability.