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St. Edmund

St Edmund
St. Edmund was born in Abingdon, near Oxford in 1174. He studied at the University of Paris before joining the priesthood. He then returned to England to teach Theology at the University of Oxford. His lectures were highly sought after and he become a renowned scholar of both maths and theology.

Edmund was deeply devoted to his faith and he also become know for his compassion, dedication to the poor, and commitment to living a humble lifestyle. At a time when England was on the brink of civil war, Edward defended the rights of the Church and advocated for peace and reconciliation. This influence in averting civil war led to him being appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, and is the reason why he is known as a peacemaker today.

In remembrance of his piety and dedication to justice, Edmund was canonised St. Edmund six years after his death in 1246. 
His strength, commitment and inspiration are the very qualities that are embedded across St. Edmund's school and we use his example as our guiding light. 
Feast of St. Edmund's
St. Edmund's Feast Day is celebrated on 16th November and is a cause for much celebration. We share this special day with our Parish Church and all of our children attend a special Mass there. It is a wonderful event where the children and parishioners join together to celebrate St. Edmund's courage and sacrifice. 
St. Edmund's in Everyday Life
At St. Edmund's we pray daily with our children as part of our assemblies, Collective Worship and liturgical celebrations. We finish our school prayer with "St. Edmund pray for us" as it is a reminder of St Edmund's influence in our everyday school life.