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Parable Stories Assemblies

Bible Parable Assemblies
In Autumn 2023 we have started our Bible Timeline Assemblies Project.
The rationale is that every classroom showcase a Parable through an assembly using role play, media and creative artistry. The assemblies take place weekly in front of the whole school. We aim to present in a three year cycle all of the parables in the bible.
General Information
The assemblies are designed:
• to help children grasp the overall story and message of the Bible
• to be used with the Bible Timeline PowerPoints
• to be suitable for the whole school
• to be adaptable for use with pupils from KS1 or KS2
Each assembly:
• is based on a Bible story or passage
• focuses on a key Christian belief and it’s application for today
• includes an opportunity for personal response or reflection 
Here is our timetable attached: