The school will be a polling station on Thursday 4th July 2024 and closed to staff and children


You may have seen or heard in the media that the government have asked all schools to stop using the old systems of levels and introduce what is being called, 'Assessing without Levels'.

We have been working hard at St Edmund's to set up a new assessment, which we are putting into place this year. We have used the new National Curriculum as our starting point.

We have attached the assessment statements here, so that you can see what is expected as an average for each term, in each year group; i.e., if your child is in Year 4, you would look at the assessment statements for Year 4 Autumn. (The terms are Autumn, Spring and Summer). Please note that each year group has an assessment for E - English and M - Maths. We hope it will help you get a clearer picture of where your child is and what they have to aim for. Children are assessed every term.