St. Edmund's

St Edmund
St Edmund, or Edmund the Martyr, King of East Anglia in the 9th century AD was the first Patron Saint of England. Born on Christmas Day 841 AD, Edmund succeeded to the throne of Anglo Saxon East Anglia in 856. Brought up as a Christian, he fought alongside King Alfred of Wessex against the pagan Viking and Norse invaders where Edmund was captured by the Vikings. The Vikings ordered Edmund to renounce his faith and share power with the pagan Vikings, but he refused. 
His strength, commitment and inspiration are the very qualities that are embedded across St. Edmund's school and we use his example as our guiding light. 
Feast of St. Edmund's
Our Feast Day is on 20th November and is cause for much celebration. We share the special day with our Parish Church and all our children attend a special Mass there. It is a wonderful event where the children and parishioners join together to celebrate St. Edmund's courage and sacrifice. 
St. Edmund's in Everyday Life
At St. Edmund's we pray daily with our children as part of our assemblies, Collective Worship and liturgical celebrations. We finish our school prayer with "St. Edmund's pray for us" as it is a reminder of St Edmund's influence in our every day school life.